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Nema Home care limited was established as a private limited liability company in London, United Kingdom in May 2016. The office is located at Epping District 48 Station Way, Buckhurst Hill, Essex. IG9 6LN

Nema Home Care Limited is a company with distinction in UK care industry having positioned us in a strategic location at the Epping District of west Essex County Council to carry on the business of care that we specialized in and trained for. The wellbeing of all our Service Users is our priority. The management of Nema Home Care Limited is in the safe hands of trained, tested and approved Registered Manager. We are innovative Home Care Provider having qualified trained and well experienced professional workforce

Our Home Care Teams aim to deliver the highest possible quality and effective standard of care, ensuring independence and quality of life at all times. All of our services ensure that you’re at the Centre of your care. To achieve this, our service is based on honest, open, transparent, knowledge of home care service. We have the drive and commitment to deliver tailor-made service according to individual needs.



Our values are simple – Nema homecare limited is to provide the highest quality of care service to all our Service Users, their families and the community irrespective of their ethnicity or social background without compromising their privacy through the experienced, well trained and qualified workforce.


Determined to be the largest, effective and leading Home care provider in the United Kingdom.

Aims and Objectives

  • Delivering of high-quality care service and support to all our Service Users. The service which is tailor-made is designed to meet their needs and preferences. In doing so we shall always be flexible.
  • Treating our Service Users with dignity and respect at all times. Ensuring our Service users is treated equally. Allowing them to have their privacy, also to encourage and support our Service Users to remain independent in their home environment and community¬†¬†
  • Guaranteeing our Service Users is actively involved in the care and support given to them. Our Service User must give us their consent before any re or treatment is given to them. Also ensuring that confidential information is always protected and only shared with others strictly in accordance with its policy on confidentiality
  • To provide the service based on the thorough needs assessment and risk assessment which will ensure that our Service User are safe in their own home and environment.
  • Working in partnership with all stakeholders within Health and Social Care sector who may be involved in some individual cases.
  • Make sure we maintain suitably qualified, competent and experienced staff strength to deliver the required standard service accordingly.
  • Recognise the individual need for personal fulfilment and offer individualised programmes of meaningful activity to satisfy that need of Service Users and staff.
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