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Dementia/Alzheimer Care


Being diagnosed with dementia can have detrimental effect on mental ability on the client it affect also the people closest to them including family and friends.
NEMA Home Care is a leading provider and specialises in clients diagnosed with dementia. Our specialised team of care workers trained in supporting our clients and provides emotional and physiological support to their families and friends involved.

Our aim and objectives whilst caring for client diagnosed with dementia are:

  • Maintaining self esteem
  • Maintaining confidence, independence and autonomy
  • Engaging and encouraging in social interaction
  • Encouraging in carrying out favourite activities or hobby

Whilst some of our client's mental abilities affected by dementia may be progressing over time we have adapted recommended coping strategies.

Practical e.g. setting up reminders or prompting
Social e.g. involving family or friend
Emotional e.g. using humour or focusing on positive aspects or health impotent strategies exercising, healthy diet.